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Movie #3 Do the Right Thing

For my 3rd movie, I chose to watch a movie directed by Spike Lee.  “Do the Right Thing” came out in 1989.   Spike Lee created this movie to show the racial injustice that occured in the bad parts of New York.  After watching this movie, I came to a realization that most of Spike Lee movies are about racial inequality.  Most of his movies have a racial message that everyone can see.

In “Do the Right Thing”, the story is set on one block in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Blacks and Latinos live on the block along with Sal’s Pizzeria which is owned by an Italian American.  Sal and his sons work at this pizzeria along with the delivery boy Mookie (played by Spike Lee).  This story is set on the hottest day of the year during which everyone has a short temper.  One of the characters gets mad that there weren’t any brothers on the wall of fame.  So he tries to gather everyone to boycott Sal’s Pizzeria.  Radio Raheem has his boombox broken by Sal which leads to fighting and the cops killing Radio Raheem.  This then led to his whole pizzeria being broken into and burnt down by the black and Latinos.  It is ironic that Spike Lee (mookie) is the one who breaks the window of the store because he was the only African American to work for Sal and stand up for him.  The audience is first percieved to think he is the hero but in actuality that is no who he is intented to be.  He attitudes show that he does belong with the others who rioted Sal’s pizza place.

Spike Lee does a great job in using close up face shots to show the actual moods of his characters.  He likes to pan on their face for long periods of time so that the audience really has an understanding of what the characters are thinking.  This music in the movie also adds dramtatic effect to the film.  The song “Fight the Power” is the best example because he uses it in scenes where the black people on the block are confronting the Italians at Sal’s Pizzeria.  There is a lot of class conflict when he bridging the blacks and whites.

There is beginning, where he introduces all the characters.  The middle conflict where Mookie has to deal with his girlfriend, and his tempered black friends.  And the ending is resolved when the Pizzeria is broken and burnt down.  Overall, I think that Spike Lee does a great job is comparing the different attitudes between the different races living on the block.  His use of conflict, music, camera angles, lighting, and scene integration helps make this movie very captivating to the audience



Conversation 1 and 2



I really liked this assignment because it was different from the previous one we did.  Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations sort of made me feel like a CIA agent.  I had to carefully listen to each word and sentence.  I can know see how writing treatments and screenplays is not easy.  It was hard for me to keep dialogue out of the treatment because it feels as though is should be in there.  However, writing the screenplay was less challenging because I really had no restrictions.

Reservoir Dogs Movie Post

Reservior Dogs is a movie directed by the one and only Quentin Tarantino.  It is a movie about a jewel heist that has gone wrong.  The whole movie pretty much takes place in a old abandoned wearhouse where a group of theives tries to figure out who the rat is that ruined their operation.  However, periodically in the movie, each character is introduced and given a little background information on them.  This is a technique that Tarantino uses so that he does not have to introduce everyone in the beginning of the film.  Speaking of the opening scene (all sitting around the breakfast table), I believe that this scene is a great introduction into the thriller/drama movie that Tarantino creates.  All of them are dressed in suits with black sunglasses sort of resembling the Beatles.  Tarantino does a great job in using the radio show to connect all of the characters.  The movie starts out with Joe’s son talking about his love for the 70’s radio show, and during one the most controversial scenes in the movie, this same 70’s radio show is on.  This controversial scene consists of Mr. Blonde torturing a cop and severing his ear off.  However, the audience does not actually see the ear being sliced off.  Tarantino does a great job of panning the camera away and just allowing the audience to hear the screams of pain coming from the cop.  The ear scene is brilliant because of our interpretation of Mr. Blonde.  We think that he is Elvis cool because of the way he composes himself but the other characters in the movie tell us otherwise.  Mr. White calls him a “stone cold psycho” because they said he killed a 20 year old girl along with many others.  So in other words, Tarantino makes you think one way but you should actually be thinking the other way.  This is prevelant in most of Tarantino’s movies; he knows how to confuse you to a point where he can bring you back from that confusion and make the movie make sense.

The lighting in the wearhouse sets the mood of suspense for the whole movie.

One thing that i did notice throughout the entire movie was the fact that there was a lot of dialogue and very long scenes.  The dialogue makes the movie what it is.

There were also some great lines in the movie like “my way or the highway” or my favorite “are you going to bark all day little doggy, or are you gonna bite?”

There is one thing that I want to say,  this whole story takes place about 15 mins from my home in California.  The city of Long Beach is mentioned as well as when Penn says Black PV.  He is talking about Palos Verdes which is very nice white suburban area.  Overall, I thought this movie was profane yet rhythmic.

Comic – Mike Holmquist

1.  How to Take out the Trash – The first comic is a how to of taking out the trash.  My audience would be anyone who has to take the trash out in their life time.  However, for the purpose of this comic, I would like to target teenage boys who have this as a chore.  So in other words, this comic could be targeted at kids who have chores.

2. How to Light a Cigarette – This comic is describing how to light a cigarette.  The audience I am targeting would have to be anyone who smokes cigarettes or anyone that wants to try cigarettes.  My comic targets them through the illustrations of the cigarette packet and the lighter.  The last panel may convey to others that cigarettes can be enjoyable.

3.  I came up with this idea when I first saw the new Modern Warfare 3 comercial. The target audience are teens that play Call of Duty or anyone who wants to stop terrrorism.  So this may include people that are for AMERICA.  Another audience would be navy seals, marines, or anyone in the army.  I show in the comic that through the use of force, you can stop a suicide bomber.  I feel like the idea of force and violence pertains to COD players and soldiers.

4.  A man is sitting on his couch enjoying the tv when his wife bugs him and tells him to take the trash out.  He is obviously annoyed and decides to have a cigarette to calm him down.  While still smoking, he sees a man with dynamite strapped to his chest.  So he runs over there and punches him in the face, knocking him out (POW).  Then he subtly stands over the terrorist and says “what  a day.”

First off, I would like to say that I cannot draw people worth my life.  It has always been the hardest part of drawing for me because I never actually learned how to draw body parts.  I do not know how to draw limbs and make them look realistic.  Its hard to capture the full effect of each muscle moving, like when running or walking.  When I draw people i use straight lines and that does not look realistic at all.  But other than drawing people, I feel as though I can draw ok.  In order for me to draw the garbage cans, I had to step outside and actually stare at a trashcan for like 10 mins.  This is pretty much the case for all of the things that I draw.

At first it was hard to think of what comics to draw.  After drawing the first comics, I was stumped on what to draw as a whole story.  I felt very restricted because we were only given 5 panels to work with.  I also did not know how to incorporate smoking a cigarette, taking the trash out, and stopping a suicide bomber.  I somehow thought of a wife asking her husband to take the trash out and it all connected from there.

My story has a beginning which introduces the man who has to take the trash out.  He is then in a conflict when he sees the suicide bomber.  So in order to resolve the conflict he knocked out the suicide bomber.

This project was pretty difficult for me because of my lack artistic talent.  It was also hard to connect three different comics into a whole story.

City of God movie blog post

The City of God is a movie that takes place in a dirty slum in Rio De Jinero.  Directed by the Brazilian, Fernando Meirelle, it is a compelling story of the life of two boys growing up in the slum.  One of the boys (lil dice/lil ze) becomes a drug dealer, while the other (Rocket) follows a different path and becomes a photographer. There were a lot of great camera techniques used in this movie which added a more dramatic effect to the film.  Along those lines, the movie is full of life and the visual effects show that.  In the very beginning of the film, there is a scene where Rocket is caught in between a ruthless gang and the cops.  The director uses a camera technique where he rotates 360 degrees around Rocket, showing both the gang members and the cops.  It gives you an extensive idea of what Rocket is doing when he looks both foward and backward and the cops/gang.  This 360 degree rotation whirls around him and as the background changes he goes from being a teenager to a little boy.  And then at this point, the narrator tells the audience that in order to fully understand the movie he needs tell the story from the beginning.

There was a short scene in the middle of the movie in which it looked as though you were the traveling bullet, ricocheting off of a bike, then to a window sill, and then into car mirror.  This is the use of point of view in camera work.  All of the chasing scenes were done in a very fast manner.  This makes the audience feel as though they are apart of the chase scene.  Another way that the audience felt as though they were apart of the movie is when Little Ze shoots a former gang member.  The camera is pointed up at him as though you were looking at the barrel of the gun  This makes the character seem more powerful and in control.

The movie also showed the difference between the different decades.  They incorporated the different style of clothing for the 60’s and 70’s as well as the slang that was said.  One example of the slang was the use of the word groovy in the 70’s part.

Lighting also played an important part in comparing the different tones of each scene.

I really enjoyed the movie because of the way the director shot it.  It was exhilarating and i recieved a message from the movie saying “what goes around comes around.”

Golfing Across Campus Movie

For this movie, we decided to film some of zach friends playing golf across the IU campus.  The course started out at Pi Phi on 3rd street and ended at the Kelley School of Business.  I played an important part in warning all of the innocent bystanders of flying golf balls.  I also helped in the final edit of the movie; cutting down the shot and scene sizes.