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June 17, 2011

This picture represents the idea that there is no straight path to design and production.  Every film maker experiences obstacles like bad weather, prop selection, and continuity.  In order to get past these obstacles, one may have to go off the path and try something different.  There is no rudimental way to achieve perfect design and production, so many different techniques are used.  Techniques vary from director to director, cinematographer to cinematographer, and production designer to production designer.

I chose this picture to represent how lighting can change the whole mood of an image.  Even though my friend has an idiotic look upon his face, the lighting from underneath gives a scary mood to the image.  Through the use of shadows and exessive lighting, images can be representeed differently.  Lighitng effects the overall mood of a story which plays an important role in design.

I took this picutre to represent how design can make an object seem superior.  With a low angle shot, I am able to give this stone carving a more importand feel.  By looking up at the “class of 1925” the audience knows that they were a great graduating class that donated the wall.  This is good design because it allows people to look up to the class of 1925 and know that by going to IU you have joined an elite group.  Design is an important key in conveying context.  This is an example of a synecdoche and semiotics.

This picture represents the use of rule of thirds, depth, camera angle, and texture. You can get a feel as though you are the golf club being swung.  However, it also gives you sense of depth in knowing that the tree is far away. All of those things are very important for acceptable design.

This picture represents semiotics and color.  The reason it says πKΦ is because we want people to know that this is Pi Kappa Phi’s house and that we are a strong chapter.  It would not make sense to put the greek letters ΔΔΔ because we are not that greek house. The colors in this picture show great sharpness/vividness.  The contrast in the blue sky, the red brick and the green grass makes the picture pop out at you which is was good design is all about.

This picture repesents music that goes into design.  Sound carries semiotic meaning. Music is very important to a film because it conveys the emotion.  Sound is also a pivotal part to design of a movie.  Without sound effects, the audience may feel lost or confused.  So, music and sound are a very key aspect of design.




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