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Movie #5 Goldfinger

June 12, 2011

In the beginning, to start every scene the cinematographer starts out zoomed in on a character and then zooms out while panning in a different direction.   This gives the audience a feel of the whole room and also a feel of the atmosphere of the room. The director does a great job in showing depth during the scene where 007 looks down the cliff at Goldfingers car.  You can tell every level of the mountain in Geneva.  This includes where the sniper is looking at James Bond, where James bond is lookin down at goldfinger and when goldfinger looks up at Bond.

The movie is dated so when oddjob throws his hat, the camera is deliberately panned faster to seem as though the hat was traveling at a great enough speed to break a statues head off perfectly. This director defilently likes the use of close ups on people and even objects (plane door handle when it is opened). He does this when he changes scenes, or when he introduces a new character. His best job in doing so comes when James Bond is strapped down the laser is about to cut him in half.  This close up shows all of his expressions as well as the sweat dropping down his face.

The set designer, Ken Adam, does a great job in every scene.  Each scene looks as if there really was something going on and not just a movie being directed in a blank room with a bare table.  Ken Adams places glasses, picture frames, plates, tables, dressers, chairs, etc., in the perfect position.  This makes every scene feel as though you are there either eating with James Bond, or fighting along side him.

Very good use of lighting in the jungle scene.  The fern casts a shadow on Sean Connery’s face that gives the mood of suspense. I really like how the director captured the machine destroying the car.  He used many camera angles to show what it looked like and what it was doing to the car.  He didnt just use one angle to show it, he used a lot so he could get the whole devistating effect.

It really is hte music that makes all of James Bond movies thrilling.

Like every James Bond movie he always gets the hottest girls.

One thing that puzzled me was how did all of the Asian guys working for goldfinger keep on reappearing and spawning.


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