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Assingment #4 Sweeded

June 10, 2011

This is a sweeded shot from the movie Clerks II. This is a low angle shot that was taken at a somewhat diagonal angle as well.  It was also a relativley close shot.  I was not able to get the same background so I took a picture outside of a Village Pantry. I took the picture at a village pantry because it was the closest thing to blank wall outside of a restaurant/liquor store.  I used jackets from my closet and borrowed my friends hats to try to get the same feel as the other picture.  One of the hardest things to do when taking this picture was getting to a sustainably low level and take a low angle shot.  Also, I had to wait for the cigarette to be the right length.  It was also difficult to get my friend on the left to put his left hand on his right arm.  He kept saying it did not feel natural.

This is a normal mid thigh shot taken from the movie Animal House.  I know the shot is straight up but turning the camera sideways made the shot wierd and not like the original.  The one thing that I had trouble with was taking a picture that didnt have the light reflect off of his blonde hair.  If it were brown, I feel as though it would have been better.  I used a bottle of Jim Beam, a grey sweater, a plad button down, and tried to incorporate a car in the background.  Unfortunately I do not own a sweater that says college on it.  I stuffed shirts around his midsection to make it appear as if he were fat. I had him tilt his head to the side, raise his eyebrows and put a wierd grin on his face. During the first take, his hair was straight and it did not look the right way.  So I had him mess it up so he looked like the dirty john belushi. Overall, I thought the picture came out well except for the light shinning on his head giving him a halo.

This is a normal shot taken from a good distance away taken from the movie Happy Gilmore.  I used the rule of thirds to keep his body on the left side of the photo. It is not necessarily a close up or a long shot because it is just showing the action of Shooter kissing his club.  I did not have a grey polo so I used one that was close to it in color. I used a 7 iron because the club head is not too lofted.  For his collared shirt, no buttons were buttoned and we tried to get his right sleeve to droop down like the one in the shooter photo. The surprise that came to me was when I told my friend to really kiss that club.  In the previous shots, he just put his lips agaisnt it and it didnt seem like he was kissing it.  So I told him to really get into it, and the outcome was surprisngly better. Once again I think the biggest challenge was trying to make my friend look exactly like Shooter.  I also did not have the same blurry gallery of people that he Shooter screenshot did.

This is a over the shoulder shot from the movie Step Brothers. The props included a baseball style t-shirt, and 2 guys to stand there.  The one thing that I thought was the hardest part was trying to keep my friend in the left in focus while not keeping my friend on the right in focus.  I was limited with the camera I used for my better camera is at home in CA.  The most entertaining part of this picture was getting my friend to have a serious face.  Several other shots were really good except for the fact that he couldnt keep a straight face.


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