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June 8, 2011

tracking camera style to capture the cars moving.

tracking camera around them when they are dancing.  shows the entire crowd around them. as well as every

i like the use of panning when it comes to the dance, you can tell a dolly is used there too

spielberg loves using cars in the first scene to show the audience that the early 60’s was really revolved around cars

good use of over the shoulder camera point of view

low angle shot of band gives them the sense they are the center of the dance or they are on the stage

another movie that uses the radio to introduce new scenes’

great choice of old music

the little girls wardrobe is off and doesnt make it seem like they are in the early  60’s

the cars are what really make the movie feel like its the early 60’s and the movie is based around the race that happens at the end.

sort of has a feeling like a old james dean movie.  It is just like the ending scene from rebel without a cause except for the fact that no one flew over the edge of a cliff. Only one of the cars crashed and it was the guy who was played by harrison ford.

i do like the norm greenbaum song incoorporated into the scene when they are driving to paradise falls

the director does a good job at filming the car race scene during dawn.  this caps off the night of their lives.  This pretty much shows solidifies the movie takes place over the course of a summer night in California in the early 60’s.

Overall, i thought the movie was a great example of what life was like for a teenage back in the early 60’s.


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