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Movie #3 Do the Right Thing

May 30, 2011

For my 3rd movie, I chose to watch a movie directed by Spike Lee.  “Do the Right Thing” came out in 1989.   Spike Lee created this movie to show the racial injustice that occured in the bad parts of New York.  After watching this movie, I came to a realization that most of Spike Lee movies are about racial inequality.  Most of his movies have a racial message that everyone can see.

In “Do the Right Thing”, the story is set on one block in a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Blacks and Latinos live on the block along with Sal’s Pizzeria which is owned by an Italian American.  Sal and his sons work at this pizzeria along with the delivery boy Mookie (played by Spike Lee).  This story is set on the hottest day of the year during which everyone has a short temper.  One of the characters gets mad that there weren’t any brothers on the wall of fame.  So he tries to gather everyone to boycott Sal’s Pizzeria.  Radio Raheem has his boombox broken by Sal which leads to fighting and the cops killing Radio Raheem.  This then led to his whole pizzeria being broken into and burnt down by the black and Latinos.  It is ironic that Spike Lee (mookie) is the one who breaks the window of the store because he was the only African American to work for Sal and stand up for him.  The audience is first percieved to think he is the hero but in actuality that is no who he is intented to be.  He attitudes show that he does belong with the others who rioted Sal’s pizza place.

Spike Lee does a great job in using close up face shots to show the actual moods of his characters.  He likes to pan on their face for long periods of time so that the audience really has an understanding of what the characters are thinking.  This music in the movie also adds dramtatic effect to the film.  The song “Fight the Power” is the best example because he uses it in scenes where the black people on the block are confronting the Italians at Sal’s Pizzeria.  There is a lot of class conflict when he bridging the blacks and whites.

There is beginning, where he introduces all the characters.  The middle conflict where Mookie has to deal with his girlfriend, and his tempered black friends.  And the ending is resolved when the Pizzeria is broken and burnt down.  Overall, I think that Spike Lee does a great job is comparing the different attitudes between the different races living on the block.  His use of conflict, music, camera angles, lighting, and scene integration helps make this movie very captivating to the audience



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