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This picture represents the idea that there is no straight path to design and production.  Every film maker experiences obstacles like bad weather, prop selection, and continuity.  In order to get past these obstacles, one may have to go off the path and try something different.  There is no rudimental way to achieve perfect design and production, so many different techniques are used.  Techniques vary from director to director, cinematographer to cinematographer, and production designer to production designer.

I chose this picture to represent how lighting can change the whole mood of an image.  Even though my friend has an idiotic look upon his face, the lighting from underneath gives a scary mood to the image.  Through the use of shadows and exessive lighting, images can be representeed differently.  Lighitng effects the overall mood of a story which plays an important role in design.

I took this picutre to represent how design can make an object seem superior.  With a low angle shot, I am able to give this stone carving a more importand feel.  By looking up at the “class of 1925” the audience knows that they were a great graduating class that donated the wall.  This is good design because it allows people to look up to the class of 1925 and know that by going to IU you have joined an elite group.  Design is an important key in conveying context.  This is an example of a synecdoche and semiotics.

This picture represents the use of rule of thirds, depth, camera angle, and texture. You can get a feel as though you are the golf club being swung.  However, it also gives you sense of depth in knowing that the tree is far away. All of those things are very important for acceptable design.

This picture represents semiotics and color.  The reason it says πKΦ is because we want people to know that this is Pi Kappa Phi’s house and that we are a strong chapter.  It would not make sense to put the greek letters ΔΔΔ because we are not that greek house. The colors in this picture show great sharpness/vividness.  The contrast in the blue sky, the red brick and the green grass makes the picture pop out at you which is was good design is all about.

This picture repesents music that goes into design.  Sound carries semiotic meaning. Music is very important to a film because it conveys the emotion.  Sound is also a pivotal part to design of a movie.  Without sound effects, the audience may feel lost or confused.  So, music and sound are a very key aspect of design.




final project movie link

Movie #5 Goldfinger

In the beginning, to start every scene the cinematographer starts out zoomed in on a character and then zooms out while panning in a different direction.   This gives the audience a feel of the whole room and also a feel of the atmosphere of the room. The director does a great job in showing depth during the scene where 007 looks down the cliff at Goldfingers car.  You can tell every level of the mountain in Geneva.  This includes where the sniper is looking at James Bond, where James bond is lookin down at goldfinger and when goldfinger looks up at Bond.

The movie is dated so when oddjob throws his hat, the camera is deliberately panned faster to seem as though the hat was traveling at a great enough speed to break a statues head off perfectly. This director defilently likes the use of close ups on people and even objects (plane door handle when it is opened). He does this when he changes scenes, or when he introduces a new character. His best job in doing so comes when James Bond is strapped down the laser is about to cut him in half.  This close up shows all of his expressions as well as the sweat dropping down his face.

The set designer, Ken Adam, does a great job in every scene.  Each scene looks as if there really was something going on and not just a movie being directed in a blank room with a bare table.  Ken Adams places glasses, picture frames, plates, tables, dressers, chairs, etc., in the perfect position.  This makes every scene feel as though you are there either eating with James Bond, or fighting along side him.

Very good use of lighting in the jungle scene.  The fern casts a shadow on Sean Connery’s face that gives the mood of suspense. I really like how the director captured the machine destroying the car.  He used many camera angles to show what it looked like and what it was doing to the car.  He didnt just use one angle to show it, he used a lot so he could get the whole devistating effect.

It really is hte music that makes all of James Bond movies thrilling.

Like every James Bond movie he always gets the hottest girls.

One thing that puzzled me was how did all of the Asian guys working for goldfinger keep on reappearing and spawning.

Assingment #4 Sweeded

This is a sweeded shot from the movie Clerks II. This is a low angle shot that was taken at a somewhat diagonal angle as well.  It was also a relativley close shot.  I was not able to get the same background so I took a picture outside of a Village Pantry. I took the picture at a village pantry because it was the closest thing to blank wall outside of a restaurant/liquor store.  I used jackets from my closet and borrowed my friends hats to try to get the same feel as the other picture.  One of the hardest things to do when taking this picture was getting to a sustainably low level and take a low angle shot.  Also, I had to wait for the cigarette to be the right length.  It was also difficult to get my friend on the left to put his left hand on his right arm.  He kept saying it did not feel natural.

This is a normal mid thigh shot taken from the movie Animal House.  I know the shot is straight up but turning the camera sideways made the shot wierd and not like the original.  The one thing that I had trouble with was taking a picture that didnt have the light reflect off of his blonde hair.  If it were brown, I feel as though it would have been better.  I used a bottle of Jim Beam, a grey sweater, a plad button down, and tried to incorporate a car in the background.  Unfortunately I do not own a sweater that says college on it.  I stuffed shirts around his midsection to make it appear as if he were fat. I had him tilt his head to the side, raise his eyebrows and put a wierd grin on his face. During the first take, his hair was straight and it did not look the right way.  So I had him mess it up so he looked like the dirty john belushi. Overall, I thought the picture came out well except for the light shinning on his head giving him a halo.

This is a normal shot taken from a good distance away taken from the movie Happy Gilmore.  I used the rule of thirds to keep his body on the left side of the photo. It is not necessarily a close up or a long shot because it is just showing the action of Shooter kissing his club.  I did not have a grey polo so I used one that was close to it in color. I used a 7 iron because the club head is not too lofted.  For his collared shirt, no buttons were buttoned and we tried to get his right sleeve to droop down like the one in the shooter photo. The surprise that came to me was when I told my friend to really kiss that club.  In the previous shots, he just put his lips agaisnt it and it didnt seem like he was kissing it.  So I told him to really get into it, and the outcome was surprisngly better. Once again I think the biggest challenge was trying to make my friend look exactly like Shooter.  I also did not have the same blurry gallery of people that he Shooter screenshot did.

This is a over the shoulder shot from the movie Step Brothers. The props included a baseball style t-shirt, and 2 guys to stand there.  The one thing that I thought was the hardest part was trying to keep my friend in the left in focus while not keeping my friend on the right in focus.  I was limited with the camera I used for my better camera is at home in CA.  The most entertaining part of this picture was getting my friend to have a serious face.  Several other shots were really good except for the fact that he couldnt keep a straight face.

tracking camera style to capture the cars moving.

tracking camera around them when they are dancing.  shows the entire crowd around them. as well as every

i like the use of panning when it comes to the dance, you can tell a dolly is used there too

spielberg loves using cars in the first scene to show the audience that the early 60’s was really revolved around cars

good use of over the shoulder camera point of view

low angle shot of band gives them the sense they are the center of the dance or they are on the stage

another movie that uses the radio to introduce new scenes’

great choice of old music

the little girls wardrobe is off and doesnt make it seem like they are in the early  60’s

the cars are what really make the movie feel like its the early 60’s and the movie is based around the race that happens at the end.

sort of has a feeling like a old james dean movie.  It is just like the ending scene from rebel without a cause except for the fact that no one flew over the edge of a cliff. Only one of the cars crashed and it was the guy who was played by harrison ford.

i do like the norm greenbaum song incoorporated into the scene when they are driving to paradise falls

the director does a good job at filming the car race scene during dawn.  this caps off the night of their lives.  This pretty much shows solidifies the movie takes place over the course of a summer night in California in the early 60’s.

Overall, i thought the movie was a great example of what life was like for a teenage back in the early 60’s.

Assignment #3


The movie I chose was do the right thing by spike lee.  I decided to make part of the block that most the the entire movie took part in.  It takes part in a bad neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Not going to lie, Google sketchup is a very tedious application.  I kept on pushing command-z and forgetting that command-y does not work.  So I had to re-do some elements of my buildings.  But overall, i am pretty happy with what i could make on google sketchup.


do the right thing pdf














The Walking Dead Production

I think that one of the hardest things to do to make this a movie is capture the feeling of an abandoned town.  This includes broken windows, trash everywhere, open doors, and that whole deserted ghost town feeling.  It would also have to be filmed during a cloudy day because in every zombie film, there is never sun (a hope of life).  In order for this show to stand out to me, the zombies have to look gruesome and disgusting.  The makeup would have to set it apart from other zombie movies and actually make me feel that zombies can be real.